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Stand out in your Flutter developer interview - Guide and Portfolio Tips

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What should a developer know to stand out in the Flutter interviews?

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This is one of my favourite questions to answer, because there is just so much to say. I've interviewed many candidates in the last 2.5 years via my previous organisations, Bounce & CreatorStack and there are some patterns and gap I see in the candidates that we had to reject.

I wrote this guide to help aspiring interns, juniors and seniors understand what all one should know about to ace the screening round, and stand out in the interviews for Flutter roles. And believe it or not, in some cases, one should know much more than JUST flutter to actually stand out.

The aim is to carve you into a better mobile developer, than just a Flutter developer. However, this guide is just a tiny attempt towards that goal.

In this guide you'll get:

24 pages of topics and portfolio advice. From my experience, I have gathered these topics that one should know if they are applying for a Flutter internship, or an early career or junior Flutter role or transition to a senior role in the mobile development space. I will also give some tips on how you can showcase a certain skill via your resume or portfolio so you can ace that screening round as well.

Version 2 : Ebook (PDF) + Resume Feedback + 1:1 call for 30 mins
In this version, along with the guide and written feedback, you also have the opportunity to hop on a call with me where we can discuss about your resume and interview preparation.

After purchasing the guide, you will get the link to my calendar where you can book a 30 min slot with me. Please note, one should send their resume atleast 6 business days before scheduled call (so I can have 3-5 business days of time to review your resume) . If the resume is not provided by then, I will have to cancel the meeting and request you to book another slot. However, we will definitely have the call if you have paid for this package, so don't worry about that.

Announcement video + clip from DevFest India 2021 networking session :

About the author
Pooja Bhaumik is a technical mentor at Startup Clinic initiative by Google For Startups, a Google Developer Expert for Flutter, former Senior Engineer at Bounce & CreatorStack and contributing author to Increment by Stripe. When she is not writing code, she either enjoys mentoring folks to help them grow in their development careers or contributes to the tech community through blog posts, public speaking, Youtube videos, and open source contributions. She is also passionate about diversity & inclusion and has co-founded WomenDroid to support personal & professional growth objectives for women developers.

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Stand out in your Flutter developer interview - Guide and Portfolio Tips

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